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Launching in Europe?

Are you launching your service in Europe and could you use a team of dedicated B2B/B2C Sales Development Representatives? Hiperlabs offers a full service solution to get your sales or customer care started in Europe. No more time zone or language barriers. Expand your business to Europe with a trusted partner. 

Appointment Setting

Generate leads and plan meetings with prospects via your dedicated team. 

Customer Care

Do you need customer service agents to help onboard your clients or solve client issues? We're here to help.


With our services we cover all markets in Europe. Any language and any timezone.

Ready to close new deals. 

Our Services


For Startups we offer a plug and play sales solution. Easy and effective. Ready for quick rollout.


  1. Your own SDR

  2. Leadgeneration & qualification

  3. Appointment setting and demo's

  4. Sales

  5. All European markets

  6. CRM & Backoffice connection

  7. Reporting

Business Meeting


For succesfull launching your services in multiple markets across Europe. Suitable for SaaS and other technology companies


  1. Your own team of SDR's

  2. Leadgeneration and qualification

  3. Appointment setting and demo's

  4. Sales

  5. Customer Service

  6. Onboarding

  7. All European markets

  8. CRM & Backoffice connection

  9. Reporting

  10. Recruiting and Training dedicated teams

Business Meeting


A fully customized setup of your European sales or customer service organization. Everything tailered to your organisations needs. 


  1. Your own team of SDR's

  2. Own office location

  3. Leadgeneration and qualification

  4. Appointment setting and demo's

  5. Sales

  6. Customer Service

  7. Onboarding

  8. All European markets

  9. CRM & Backoffice connection

  10. Reporting

  11. Recruiting and Training dedicated teams

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